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"the world doesn't need what women have, it needs what women are." 

Edith Stein

Early summer of 2017, a group of us sat down to begin a discussion about a new ministry in the Fox Valley. Although we come from different backgrounds and life experiences, we all agreed - all women need support, community, and love. Drawing from our own highschool experience, we know how difficult navigating those years as a young women is.

What does it mean to claim my dignity as a daughter of God? How do I find true friendship? What do I do when I'm struggling with self esteem, social situations, academic pressures, or the many other trials I may encounter? Am I lovable? 

Questions such as these, as well a many others, are on the hearts of women everywhere. We want to provide an environment which will create hope, peace, and love for these questions to be answered in. Project 5.41 is the ministry by which we hope to accomplish it.

Kayla Timm

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